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Broad-based appeal

The audience is anyone who has lost a loved  one or pet to death and wishes to get in touch with him or her on the Other Side. This book also makes an ideal sympathy gift!  Know anyone who’s lost a loved one or pet to death this year? Consider giving Soul Sensing as a Christmas or Birthday gift.

Also Available at and at your local  book store through the 2 National Book Wholesalers: Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

A Well-Praised Book!

  "I highly recommend this book. A fluff-free guide. Straight to the point.   Makes a strong case based on science and insight. You won't regret it!"
- Kim Heimbuch

“A gentle and loving guide to staying in contact with departed loved ones, both people and pets. Janice Carlson draws on her extensive experience as a medium to show how the dead reassure us with signs of their presence, and how we can communicate with them. Soul Sensing will  help you validate your experiences and develop your own natural ability to reach out to the Other Side.”- Rosemary Ellen Guiley,  co-author, Talking to the Dead (Bestselling author, featured on The History, A&E, and Discovery channels.)

 “This book is about teaching us to use capacities that have lain dormant because our culture doesn’t nurture the qualities of intuition, right-brain development, listening and sensing messages from life and the dead. The precious outcome offers us a much more  spacious and expansive view of ourselves and the universe. Highly recommended.” - Lynn S. LaFroth, Essential Wellness Magazine

 “FINALLY! A medium book that does what it says it’s going to do, written by an author who truly cares about you and your deceased loved  ones. Soul Sensing is a book you will turn to again and again. I highly  recommend it to all.”  - Linda Abel,  Publisher , The Medieval Chronicle

 “Remarkable! Soul Sensing is enormously validating.  This  book combines a unique description of reality with  techniques on a subject that fascinates and challenges.” - Jinjer Stanton,  Author of Yoga for Every Room in Your House


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