"Janice's accuracy was astonishing. She's one of the best mediums I've ever encountered and I can't recommend her highly enough."

- Trish MacGregor, International Astrologer &

Author of Sydney Omarr Presents


Janice Carlson was so accurate. She zeroed in on family issues that I never even knew existed. When she accessed her accurate information from my deceased parents, it all made sense. She’s uncanny. Her reading helped me immensely. Highly recommended.”

-Phyllis Galde, International Publisher, FATE Magazine


I first met Janice Carlson as a screenwriter, but she has morphed into a legitimate medium. I was very impressed, and I can assure you I am not easily impressed.”

-         Patrick Wells, internationally known Movie Producer of such movies as “Young Blood” and “I Love You To Death” (starring William Hurt & Kevin Kline) 


“Janice is connected!  Her ability to communicate with our lost loved ones is truly a gift.”  - Bobbi Smith, New York Times Bestselling author


“For years, no one could give me a reading that was accurate, so I started to believe that it was no longer possible. Then I asked for a session with Janice. Her connection to the other side was instantaneous. She brought through confirming information that no one outside my family could know, and then went on to provide insights that I am still using everyday.”
- Michelle Lamb, New York Times-featured Trend Expert &

Co-owner of Marketing Directions, Inc.


“Janice Carlson is a medium with a message! And that message is from the Other Side in an up close and personal way. My sister Dee and I experienced a medium session with Janice that we found captivating. Janice seems to have agility walking between worlds.”

- Lynn LaFroth, National Publisher, ESSENTIAL WELLNESS Newspaper


"Janice possesses a fantastic ability to reunite us with loved ones from the Other Side. She brings their message through loud and clear…and with love." Rob MacGregor, author of PSYCHIC POWER: Discover and Develop your Sixth Sense at Any Age


“This medium can give you all the answers you request. I had
questions about family, friends and pets who are on the Other Side. Janice answered all of them.

.Millie Gemondo; Co-author of ANIMAL TOTEMS and
Animal Intuitive for 45 years


“Janice Carlson’s ability to pick up on information about loved ones, who have passed on, is fascinating. She accurately described some attributes of my parents, a couple of friends who have gone on, as well as my beloved dog. Having had numerous psychic readings over the years, this was my first time with a medium whose focus was on giving me information from those close to me who have died.  It was inspiring!”  - Nancy H. McMoneagle (Internationally known astrologer, writer, and Director of operations of Intuitive Intelligence Applications, which she co-owns with her husband of remote-viewing fame, Joseph W. McMoneagle)


-         Janice has been instrumental in helping me adjust to my husband Peter’s passing. Her role as a medium has been multifaceted and evolving, beginning with the first session when she first helped give a voice to Peter.”  - Dr. Laura Kroeten Bue, Clinical Psychologist (widowed in 2005 and a regular client of Janice Carlson)


“I found Janice to be warm, open, friendly and amazingly compassionate. Her skills in working with others show a tremendous capacity to empathize with her clients and to understand their heart deeply. She lovingly guided me through a session and I was amazed at the relevance and the insight she offered. It does not matter what one believes in, she is able to explain what she does in ways that are respectful to one’s own spiritual outlook. She is, in short, a gifted healer and I am grateful that she is on the MyLovingTribute.com site.”

- Eric Meyer, Certified Grief Counselor & Licensed Traumatologist


“It was an incredible experience to speak with Janice. She has an amazing gift.”

Viv Ortiz, Psychiatric Emergency Nurse


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