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SoulSensing1.5x2.25_72dpi4-star Review from SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW!
  "I highly recommend this book. A fluff-free guide. Straight to the point.   Makes a strong case based on science and insight. You won't regret it!"
- Kim Heimbuch

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 6x9 paperback (264 pages with Index)

 SOUL SENSING :  How to Communicate With Your Dead Loved Ones 

 Think it’s impossible to communicate with your dead loved ones? The fact is they’re probably already communicating with you! Find out what they’re saying with this groundbreaking book that teaches you the language and messaging methods of the dead. Having lost her mother and adoptive father to death by the age of 10, medium and psychic Janice Carlson uses her two decades of professional afterlife-communications experience to help you:

  • Recognize the signs of visitation by your passed loved ones' souls
  • Pierce the veil between the living and the dead by awakening your 7 soul senses and improving your right-brain abilities
  • Sense the presence and messages of your dead loved ones using your chakras and intuition
  • Use afterlife-communication tools
  • Send messages to the dead and receive their replies on an ongoing basis
  • Understand the differences between being visited by spirits and being haunted
  • Encourage visitation from your passed loved ones and pets
  • Overcome the real barriers to afterlife communications
  • Monitor your night dreams for soul visitations and messages
  • Learn how and when to protect yourself from the spirits of the dead

 "Highly recommended. This is a meticulously written book covering all the bases for learning to hear and speak to those in the afterlife."

 - Lynn S. LaFroth, digital editor,  Essential Wellness Magazine www.esswellness.com

“A gentle and loving guide to staying in contact with departed loved ones, both people and pets. Janice Carlson draws on her extensive experience as a medium to show how the dead reassure us with signs of their presence, and how we can communicate with them.”

 - Rosemary Ellen Guiley, coauthor of Talking to the Dead. Bestselling author, featured on A&E, The History, A&E, and Discovery Channels.

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