My SOUL SENSING in Sacred & Haunted Places Tour began on March 20th and went through to April 4, 2015. 
And, because nothing doubles your pleasure on vacations like experiencing both the physical and spiritual dimensions of the new places your visit, I'll be sharing with you, in my next several posts, what to look for and sense in the places I visited out West. Here, for instance, are the types of energy I experienced at the seven key vortexes in Sedona, Arizona. These are more specific than what most metaphysicians mention at these sites, but this list will come in handy, if you have a very limited amount of time to spend in Sedona:
Airport Mesa Vortex
= romantic love, healing past heartbreaks and finding a real and lasting romantic relationship.
Bell Rock Vortex
= Creative energy, a sense of play, welcoming miracles into your life.
Cathedral Rock Vortex
= Balancing the practicalities of Earth with the guidance and endless energy of Heaven. Finding your direction in this life.
Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex
= Communing with God, angels, and Heaven. Purifying one's spirit.
Courthouse Butte Vortex
= Finding inner calm. Learning the values of patience and perseverance. Getting back on the right life path for you.
Boynton Canyon Vortex
= Internalizing a sense of Heavenly protection. Healing childhood wounds and abandonment issues. Anchoring healthier lifestyle choices. Improving nurturing and parenting skills.
Schnebly Hill Vortex
= Fully assimilating the strength and wisdom of your ancestors. Finding courage and conviction. Promoting fertility and personal growth.

Other metaphysicians will find different qualities in these vortexes, but, remember, the most important issue is how each site affects you.

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It's about all the people we LOVE!

Remember those little Valentine's Day cards we used to exchange with classmates in elementary school?
What a great reminder they were that Valentine's Day is for EVERYONE, not just romantic partners. It's for anyone you love as a friend or a relative. Few people see the power of love as often as we mediums do. Love''s the glue that helps to assure that after-life communications are effective and accurate. It's the most powerful energy in the universe.

So, make a list of the people you love this month and say or do something loving for each of them. And don't forget to do something loving for yourself, as well. I, for instance, took the time to bake some of my favorite Valentine's Day cookies for my husband & me -- an activity I haven't indulged in for over 3 years. And, wow, were they worth the time! They're French butter cookies with so much almond extract in them that the air smells perfumed every time we open the cookie jar. They're a sweet, simple reminder that this month is about love and kindness -- in all of its beautiful forms. 

Predictions for the New Year!
I was invited, along with several other nationally known psychics, to do a segment for a recent episode of The Big Seance podcast with host, Patrick Keller. I was amazed at how diverse our predictions were and how different our methods of divining and delivery. Among my happier predictions are some sort of military victory this coming spring, good earnings in the stock market in both April and in mid-autumn and growth in the construction sector. On the not-so-happy side will be another polar-vortex-stricken winter for many U. S. states and very severe weather for several cities located on one of the coasts in September.
But don't just settle for a summary from me; have a listen for yourself. And pay close attention to some of the events many of us psychics can agree on, because those will be most significant.    

christmasholly4Christmas Mantras
It's time again to bring to mind the little sayings that help assuage that sense of Holiday angst that besets almost everyone this time of year:
  •  Don't worry about everything being perfect (the gifts you give, the entertaining you do, the foods you cook/bake), because Christmas will be back again (in 10 months, if you count when TV advertisements start for it), so you'll get another chance at perfection then.  And ANOTHER and ANOTHER and ANOTHER. It's not like it's a once-in-a lifetime event.
  • Christ was born in a manger. (As in very humble beginnings.) Try to keep that in mind whenever your shopping budget begins to careen out of control.
  • The real gifts on that first Christmas were those of nature: a bright star, the calm sounds of sleeping animals, the wisdom of those who knew that positive change had finally arrived on the Earth -- and these gifts belong to every one of us. 


Synchronicity is such a big part of afterlife communications, that THE SYNCHRONICITY HIGHWAY by my friends, Trish & Rob MacGregor is a must-read!


The Woodpecker

A Halloween poem in progress by Janice Carlson. Inspired by real events, with rhythms & rhymes inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”.)

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, (Wait! That actually IS Poe’s line!)

Always on the sunny mornings, as I toil through boss’s warnings

Shackled to my desk with work deadlines galore.

All at once there’ll come a tapping,

A merciless, relentless rapping

To deface our house’s siding-boards and more.

Pecking deep through wood and batton

Into beadboard and insulation.

Tufts of fiberglass soon littering the garden floor!


I pound and scream to scare the creature

This checked-backed, redheaded leecher.

But nothing will dissuade him from wrecking our house and doors!

The fix-it price is simply frightening,

So, I feel my stomach tightening.

And, far worse, my wallet lightening

At the quotes we’ve managed to procure.

Vinyl is, by far, the cheaper.

But metal is the surest keeper.

Starting at a whopping twenty-thousand forty-four!

Quoth our budget: NEVERMORE!


If you're a Halloween Fan like me, you're in for
not one treat, but FOUR. To get your fair share of Halloween ear candy, go to bigseancepodcast.com. Some of the most knowledgeable Halloween experts in the U.S., like Eva Halloween, Karen A. Dahlman, and Lesley Bannatyne are the guests on the October 10, 16, and 23, 2014 episodes.

Then, on October 29th is the grand finale to this fabulous fall season with such luminaries in the medium and paranormal fields as Lee Allen Howard, Rob Gutro, Sara Wiseman, Jim Harold, and Annie Wilder. I'll be on hand, too, to tell you about the mystical ancient origins of Halloween and to join in the sharing of our favorite Halloween memories!

big-seance-podcast-bannerThanks, Patrick Keller, The Big Seance podcast host, for letting your love for this season shine with fun-and-fact-filled shows throughout October!

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